Members of the Innova staff augmentation teams are selected using a process that tailors the staff provided to the needs of each client and project. By carefully assessing your specific needs, your current staff, your company and team culture, and the project’s scope and objectives, we provide the right people with the right skills, both soft and technical, to achieve your objectives. Innova consulting staff enjoy accessible support and ongoing training opportunities from Innova leadership to ensure that they provide the highest level of service to our clients.

Innova can provide experienced technical teams and/or supervisors, working on or off-site, to fully execute the various project functions for your project or portfolio. The team is tailored specifically for each project with consideration for project scope, contracting vehicles, stakeholder priorities, and existing project teams. We will provide a custom designed team, managed by us, ready to provide solutions backed by the subject matter expertise and support within Innova Project Services.

Innova currently has initiatives in development focused on engaging three diverse populations with professional careers in construction: recent graduates, veterans reentering civilian life, and mid-career transitions.

Green Run Program

Reentry Program

Midcourse Correction Program