The range of needs relating to construction project services is vast, and it is quite common for clients to be unsure of what they require to reach the desired results. Innova consultants are experienced in problem-solving and troubleshooting identified issues and developing efficient solutions that best serve each client and situation.

Innova Project Services offers construction project consulting ranging from initial assessment and recommendations to filling open roles and providing appropriate tools for your project needs. Our experienced construction project consultants are skilled at identifying challenges and obstacles and designing the most efficient solutions for your particular circumstances. Whether your company seeks guidance only or requires full staffing and software tools to accomplish your objectives, Innova consultants will tailor a solution completely customized for you.

Innova Project Services will clarify your current situation, identify gaps and challenges in your program, and offer comprehensive solutions through the following services:

Project Controls Assessment

Project Execution Assessment

Execution Processes and Plans

Project Controls Software