Innova’s consulting team members bring the breadth and depth of construction experience necessary to assess, diagnose, and resolve any challenging project execution situation. We evaluate your current processes and staffing, understand your pain points and areas of desired improvement, and recommend appropriate systems, processes, and staffing to achieve your goals. Innova consultants are able to provide top-down assessments and recommend solutions in a fraction of the time of traditional consultants through our proprietary methods and utilization of cutting-edge processes and technology.

Innova consultants also provide software recommendations, rapid set-up and roll-out, training, and ongoing support as needed. Software options are constantly updating and changing, and it is critical to have a software implementation partner who is up to the challenge of not only setting up the processes and reporting, but also quickly preparing your team to use the software to improve productivity and results. Software alone can’t manage your projects, but a well-trained project team can use the right tools to increase efficiency, reliability and results.

Innova’s specialty services, InnovaIgnitionTM and InnovaRecoveryTM, facilitate the rapid and thorough project implementation required to bring new projects online or to expedite solutions to recover a challenged project. Specialty team leaders are experienced, knowledgeable project professionals who will leverage their knowledge into a solution that works best for our clients. With a clear understanding of the benefits of strong controls and the ability to maximize efficiency in integrating those disciplines, InnovaIgnitionTM and InnovaRecoveryTM will provide rapid results, whatever the starting point.