People. Solutions. Results.

Innova Project Services provides construction project management support solutions and services, specializing in project controls, for a wide range of project stakeholders. Our priority is working with you, our clients, to provide people and services that fit precisely with your current needs. Our commitment to excellence in proactively controlling cost, schedule and scope will provide pragmatic solutions and elevate standards within your project and company.

People are the most critical component in any project. From the project owner to entry-level staffers, the right people can smoothly manage any situation, be trusted to provide the best recommendations, and produce results that exceed expectations. Innova Project Services is committed to building a company of people who value their work, have a drive for continuous improvement, and consistently strive for the best solutions to achieve the best results for our clients.

Our clients are considered partners in every engagement. Collaboration is key to a successful endeavor, and Innova is committed to providing responsive solutions in line with each client’s priorities. Innova consultants will work closely with each client to identify their specific needs and provide the precise teams and tools to achieve results.

Innova’s in-house objectives include broadening the scope of project controls proficiencies so that each employee carries both a specialty area and an appreciation of the full scope of project controls. We are also driven to introduce a new generation of professionals to the project controls industry. To that end, Innova invests in our employees through competitive pay and benefits as well as ongoing internal training opportunities. Certifications in various project controls disciplines are strongly encouraged, including those through AACE, PMI, and other professional organizations.

The range of needs relating to project controls is vast, and it is quite common for clients to be unsure of what they require to reach the desired results. Innova consultants are experienced in problem-solving and troubleshooting identified issues and developing efficient solutions that best serve each client and situation.

Innova Project Services strives to maximize efficiencies within our clients’ project controls to ensure the best value-driven results. Whether through a comprehensive assessment and full complement of staffing or simply an individual contributor placement, Innova’s consultants are committed to providing outcomes customized to each client’s needs.

People. Solutions. Results.


To provide superior project controls services as a trusted partner to capital project owners and contractors across the industries we serve while maintaining a supportive, satisfying work environment for our people.


To become a premier project controls services provider through our commitment to outstanding professional performance, our focus on innovation and efficiency, and our dedication to providing the best solutions to our clients, consistent with our core values.


Integrity – Doing the right thing, both personally and professionally

Excellence – Striving to exceed expectations and constantly improve

Results – Focusing on the best results for our clients and our employees

ESG – Conscientiously grounding all decisions regarding the environment, the social experience of our clients and employees, and governing with integrity, decency and respect

Innova Project Services is committed to a culture grounded in the concepts of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance) principles. We believe it is the responsibility of corporate leaders to lead by example and enact positive change across industries. To that end, Innova Project Services is conscious of the delicate balance among stakeholders in the industries we serve and strive to achieve that balance through diligent attention to maximizing efficiencies and maintaining absolute integrity.

At Innova Project Services, we believe it is the responsibility of corporate leaders to set the example and drive positive change across the industries in which they work. These principles inform all that we do at Innova Project Services.


Our focus on a majority-virtual/remote workforce, digital and paperless work processes and tools, and emphasis on mission-critical business travel demonstrates our commitment to the conservation of natural resources and the environment.


As a minority- and women-owned business, Innova Project Services is committed to the principles of corporate social responsibility – both externally in our business and client relationships, and internally in our employee-employer relationships. This commitment includes diversity and inclusion in hiring, training, and retention; employee and labor rights; transparency in diversity and wage reporting; flexibility in work schedule and remote-work capabilities; and a generous benefits and compensation package for our employees.

Corporate Governance

As a business involved with highly-sensitive, confidential information, integrity is a crucial component of everything we do – as a result, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of business ethics and anti-corruption practices. Additionally, we provide transparency around internal reporting metrics for our employees and stakeholders and invite employee-participation in the development of business strategy and internal governance.

WOB – Women-Owned Business

Maryland DBE – Maryland Disadvantaged Business Enterprise